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About Monica

Born and raised in Lancaster county, I grew up walking jobsites with my father who ran a construction company.  I'm a Hempfield High School graduate and received my degree from Penn State University.  I started my career working for a large General Contractor in Chesapeake, Virginia.   I worked on a wastewater treatment plant, a high rise hotel at the oceanfront, and a new exhibit expansion at the Virginia Zoo.  These projects gave me the exposure to the processes and day to day operations of how a job gets done.   The true nuts and bolts of our industry.  I began working heavily with our equipment department which tied directly into safety.  During my years at the GC, I took a lot of training classes, and quickly learned what training was effective with our crews and what wasn't. 

Moving forward from my years at the GC, I transitioned to the trench safety side of nationwide rental company.  Here is where I developed my love of all things trench safety.  Due to additional training needs, my role moved from sales rep to that of a dual sales rep and trainer.   I began teaching Competent Person Trench Safety and Permit Required Confined Space classes monthly in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  It was at this time that I learned that training was what I was meant to do.  I loved it, and my customers kept coming back for more.

After relocating back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family, I took a position as a full time safety consultant.  My class offerings quickly expanded from 2 to over 20, and I expanded from a construction focus to include industrial and utilities.  I became actively involved in the 811 partnerships which lead to a lot of public speaking events at safety days across the state, as well as an active role in the Regional Partnerships. 

The above picture is from the CGA national conference in Orlando, Florida in 2017.  My presentations ranked in the top 10 of the conference two years in a row, with my 2016 presentation on Trench Safety ranking #1 Safety presentation out of over 60 speakers.